Family Law

With people living international lifestyles, whether by virtue of owning a holiday home, working abroad or inheriting foreign assets, a need to ensure that appropriate and effective legal advice is obtained upon divorce is essential. At Harrison Clark Rickerbys we appreciate that divorce is not limited to England and Wales.

We have undertaken a number of different types of international family work such as:

  • Identifying the most appropriate country for a party to initiate proceedings
  • Addressing offshore pension funds and the difficulties with pension sharing
  • Investigating beneficiaries of offshore discretionary trusts and seeking to determine whether there are assets available for division
  • Implications on international businesses
  • Tax consequences upon the transfer or sale of international assets
  • Applications for child support where a spouse resides, or is employed, outside of the UK, as well as applications to enforce orders from foreign jurisdictions in the UK
  • International nuptial agreements
  • Applications to move with the children to another country