Wills and Trusts

Our experienced team works with private clients in managing their international assets. If you hold assets in multiple jurisdictions, it is particularly important that your estate is managed in such a way that protects your assets and, crucially, ensures that they are dealt with effectively, in line with your wishes, in the event of your death.

Some of the ways in which we can help you and your family include:

Wills and tax planning:

We will draw up wills for you to cover your worldwide assets. We will also advise in connection with local advisers within foreign jurisdictions to ascertain the impact of local and international legislation on the terms of the Will. It may be necessary to have different Wills for different jurisdictions and we will, therefore, be able to liaise with the advisers to ensure that your wishes are met.
We will advise on domicile and residence issues, the impact of Inheritance Tax on your worldwide estate and how to mitigate your liability.

Estate administration:

Estate administration can be a complicated area, and its complexity is increased when the administration of an estate crosses geographical boundaries and jurisdictions. We undertake all aspects of the administration of UK estates with international assets and we will liaise with local advisors where appropriate. We will prepare and submit the probate documents, estate accounts and tax returns.

We are able to obtain grants for foreign nationals in respect of UK assets and this includes the re-sealing of Commonwealth grants. We can advise on special administration circumstances, such as those that apply to UN staff.