Banking and Finance

Whatever your requirements, big or small, whether you are a lender or a borrower, we are here to make your life easier on all banking and finance needs.


We provide English legal support to overseas lenders and their legal advisers on:

  • Financing of real estate
  • Financing of corporate acquisitions
  • Financing of projects
  • Financing of assets
  • Invoice discounting, factoring and leasing

Or incidental to any non-UK transaction but with an English law aspect to it:

  • Security over all of the assets of an English company (fixed and floating charge debenture)
  • Security over specific assets or real estate located in England (e.g. a charge or mortgage over goods or equipment, security over a cash deposit or a land charge)
  • Security over contracts governed by English law
  • Security over shares in an English company and associated due diligence
  • Review of underlying contracts governed by English law including construction-related contracts
  • Review or preparation of English law guarantees and bonds
  • Advice on participating in a syndicated transaction
  • Legal opinions on English companies, contracts or security
  • Ad hoc advice on anything else, however small


We provide English legal support to overseas borrowers and their legal advisers on reviewing and negotiating all types of facility agreements, in particular, LMA loan agreements, and English law guarantees and security documents, including financing real estate, corporate acquisitions, projects and assets.

Overseas Legal Advisers

We know that, very often, a lender’s or borrower’s legal adviser is very familiar with the loan and security documentation. In this case, we are more than happy to “take a back seat” and advise on specific provisions or questions and leave you to deal with the client and the negotiations. Equally, where required, we are happy to take the lead on the drafting or negotiation of documents.