International Fixed Fee Helpline

Have you ever thought: “I need some English legal input on this, but it will cost too much”? Or: “It’s too small to take to London lawyers”? Do you wish you could get quick, cost effective answers to your English law queries? Well, we have the answer with our International Fixed Fee Helpline.

You can now get English legal support quickly, at a reasonable price and with the minimum of fuss – just pick up the phone or send an email and enjoy peace of mind

How does it work?

Step 1:
Send an e-mail to or your usual contact partner requesting our fixed fee helpline package.

Step 2:
We will provide you with the full package details, including how to pay, and on receipt of your package payment we will activate your helpline and give you the contact details of the HCR helpline lawyers. We will also ask you to nominate one or more authorised members of your staff. You can add to these at any time just by sending us an e-mail.

Step 3:
Authorised members of staff can then contact any of the HCR Law International helpline staff by telephone or e-mail with a request for assistance.

Step 4:
Advice will be given by telephone (confirmed by e-mail) or by e-mail only, whichever you prefer. We will, of course, talk through the issues with you where appropriate.

Step 5:
All time spent will be recorded on your helpline file and we will let you know how much time you have used on each occasion. When you have nearly used up your allowance, we will let you know, so that you can purchase a “top-up” if you wish.

How much does it cost and what do we receive?
We offer a single fixed price package which costs £1,100* and entitles you to 5 hours of partner/senior lawyer time.

Top-ups: If you wish to extend your package, you can top up your package payment in multiples of £550.

These prices will apply to all packages and top-ups purchased before 31 December 2013.

* VAT will also be charged in the case of UK branches and may also apply in the case of UK property related transactions

How does invoicing work?
We will normally issue itemised invoices to you every 3 months for time used and will use your package payment to pay each invoice. For lawyers wishing to invoice their clients for assistance received under the helpline we will be happy to issue special invoices, again paid out of the package payment. The same applies for other clients who need special invoices for particular assistance. Just let us know.

How long does the package last?
You have 12 months from the date of activation to use your package. No refunds are available for unused time.

Who can use the helpline?
The helpline is intended for non-UK law firms, banks, corporations and other businesses, including their branches within the UK. It will be useful to lawyers in private practice, in-house lawyers, company secretaries, finance directors, HR managers, contract managers, loan officers and anyone else who needs English legal support.

What areas of law does the helpline cover?
Corporate, banking, commercial, IT and e-commerce, intellectual property, construction, employment, commercial property, litigation and dispute resolution**, insolvency, family, trusts and private client.

The helpline includes not only giving legal advice but also reviewing or drafting contracts, finance documents or just specific clauses, carrying out searches and registrations, doing due diligence, issuing legal opinions and indeed anything else which we normally do for clients.

Contact Us

For more information on the international fixed fee helpline please contact Tim Walker by e-mail at or by telephone on + 44 (0) 1242 246469.